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Why I've Decided to Start Blogging

I’ve decided to start a blog. I’ve been searching for an outlet to share my stories: my failures, fallbacks, achievements and future plans. Here’s a little bit about me and what’s in store.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sarah. I grew up in a small town, went to university, did a post grad got a job in that field. Fairly standard. Well I thought it was boring, which it was, but why? It was because I wasn’t living my true self or my best self and I wasn’t doing what made me happy. Taking a step back and some time off I noticed a lot people weren’t happy. Why, when we live in a great country, great city with the ability to do whatever we want was this happening? We don’t, we do what’s best, what we should do, make the right choices all to be miserable or with our heads so far up our own asses we don’t know we’re miserable.

The key in all of this is we have the ability to be happy, to be successful and to have the life we want. For some reason most of us choose to go on living miserable or clueless to being miserable - I did. Don’t get me wrong, not every aspect of my life was miserable, mostly work and for a while, but I didn’t even know that I wasn’t happy. I thought it was the way things were suppose to be. Without realizing it, this feeling did have a tole on everything else. I didn’t have the energy to exercise, I didn’t want to stay up late, have fun, try new things and I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. I had no drive or motivation.

Over the last few years I’ve had a few good jobs, made good progress with my career growth and was good at what I did. I knew it wasn’t something I was passionate about but could justify through knowing this is what you’re suppose to do, I could find passion outside of work. The thing was I didn’t do that because I didn’t have the energy to do so. The more I talked to friends and my boyfriend about how I was feeling, it really seemed normal and I wasn’t the only one. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Why are we all okay with living these mundane lives that we aren’t enjoying?

Luckily I was let go from my last job (financial reasons) and yes: luckily. What was my response after being let go? Find another job like this that I don’t love or care about. Again, luckily there wasn’t any roles that came up that I was a fit for. So I decided to take some time off for two reasons: one, it’s summer and who wants to be inside in the summer and two, figure out what I actually want to do.

To bring it back to the entire point of this blog. I want to share my story, my life tools and tricks that have helped me figure out my path so I can hopefully help you figure out yours. And to know it’s okay to not have it figured out, I don’t, learning to be okay with not having all the answers. Working towards who you want to be and making every decision and living every moment as your trueself.

As I continue writing I will be sharing my failures and fallbacks and how they have helped me find myself, my values and my purpose and hopefully be able to provide some insight to anyone who feels lost and hasn’t found theirs.


Toronto, ON, Canada



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