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Follow your path, not the safe path

We all want our lives to have purpose and meaning but how do we find it? And once we find whatever that might be, how do we profit off of it in a way that’s not soul sucking but allows us to have the life we want.

One of the biggest things I think a lot of us struggle with is knowing it’s okay to want a certain life; to be happy in the work you do without starving; to being happy and receiving a paycheque. The happier and more successful we are as individuals the more positive and impactful we will be to those around us - by spending the time to figure out the things that make you happy and the things that light you up.

Why aren’t we finding ways to be happy with our work? Why aren’t we finding the work that lights us up and then finding a way to make it profitable? Why do we settle? It’s safe. It’s safe to have a regular paycheque in a boring job that doesn’t stimulate or challenge you. It’s not as safe to be in role where you are challenged daily.

Without these challenges and going out on a limb to do something you believe in, then what’s the point? We can choose to stay safe and numb, or we choose to expose ourselves and take that risk. For myself my biggest moment of vulnerability are writing this blog. It’s forcing me to be honest with myself and figure out my path. Do I have it figured out? No, but I’m taking the steps day by day to challenge myself and in situations I know I will learn and grow from. It would be a lot easier for me to shut my site down and continue to not pay attention to how I feel and what I want. I have chosen this to hold me accountable in figuring out what ’m suppose to do.

The sad but comforting truth in all of this is most of us aren’t living our best selves. Even worse i would wager that even more people don’t have a clue. In my opinion, it's better to be miserable then to be numb; at least you’re aware and have a place to grow from.

There is some ridiculous percentage saying almost all of us aren’t happy and aren’t doing the things that bring value and meaning into our lives. Like I said before it’s safe, it’s safe to not know what you’re missing out on. Which again is why I’m challenging myself to bust out of this safety net in hopes others will too.

Spending time with yourself is something I’ll talk about a lot. You have to constantly be checking in and making sure you’re still in check and doing what’s best for YOU. It took me some time to realize that as safe and easy my life was it was just that, safe and easy.


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